American Rhetoric

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Genre: Political Parody     Pages: 430    ISBN: 978-1-78695-114-4

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Hi Paddy,

Wow – I just finished American Rhetoric and I loved it. Thank you for gifting me a copy. Below is the review I’ve posted to Amazon, B&N, Kobo and Goodreads. Please feel free to use my review in your marketing endeavors, and keep writing!!!

Sincerely, Linda Thompson,  Host of www.TheAuthorsShow.com

American Rhetoric

Once you begin reading Paddy Kelly’s book, it’s hard to put down. But keep in mind that while the book is listed as satirical humor, it’s also possible (if not also probable) that this is the story of the future of the United States. I kept reminding myself of Kelly’s definition of the word ‘politics’: from the Greek ‘poly’ meaning many and ‘tics’ meaning a parasitic, blood sucking leech who lives off others. And nothing could be more true of those currently in power. Whether you’re political or not, you’ll experience laughter, sadness and downright rage at what this grand experiment (the American two-party system) is all about. American Rhetoric is a really good example of just how far people are willing to go to further their own self-interests, no matter the intentions of the founding fathers. I’m recommending Kelly’s book to all my politically-minded friends.

– Linda Thompson


Paddy Kelly’s American Rhetoric, an hysterically funny future historical fiction, is a great read. Now that the world of Orwell’s 1984 arrived and settled upon us to become our new reality a new book needed to take us to the next unimaginable and ridiculous it-could-never-happen-but-it-did future. Paddy Kelly has written that book. Kelly takes threads from current events to wittily construct and explain the future.

Family political dynasties. Check.  Meet Helen Cliton.  Reversion to the mean?  The new normal is best to be not exceptionally normal or exceptional in any way – so check. Economic globalization and debt? Meet the new American map and new American productivity. The wall? Check. But not the way you might be thinking!

And thinking about thinking- Kelly takes us there, to a world of info-tainment fueled by conspiracy theories and people who have genetically lost the ability to think.

His analogies are funny – and they stick with you. I will forever see certain couples and think of the fifth moon of Jupiter. His acronyms make you laugh. (Find one.)

The whole of it made me laugh out loud a LOT – and I needed a good laugh. As we do at a funeral. The day is saved by Paddy’s irreverent wit and astute observations of the/our new human condition. He is the funny priest at your family’s wake.  I look forward to more.

                                                                – Linda Talman, Washington, U.S.A.

Just bought a copy of America Rhetoric which was recommended to me before Christmas. All I can say is: Finally! The long overdue political parody we’ve been waiting for! No one, regardless of your political orientation can deny the circus U.S. politics has become. Paddy Kelly has found the cure for the frustrations we all feel when Washington D.C. inevitably creeps into the conversation. With a totally unbiased look at what the next fifty or so years could hold for us, via a wry, sarcastic eye, this guy hits the nail on the head. If you don’t laugh while reading this book you are a stone-faced god. Highly recommend it.

                                  – Tomislav Petric

This is a satirical commentary on the “Democratic Process” in the USA, that is both hilarious and a little bit scary. Cuttingly humorous and refreshing in its political incorrectness. A thought provoking narrative begs many questions of the reader, who/why/when was democracy de-railed in the US. How much responsibility must the individual voter shoulder alongside the political machines of the two parties, for this state of affairs.  A wickedly funny novel with some marvelous characters and a fast moving plot line. A hugely enjoyable read.                                                                                                                                                                                       

                                                                    – Michael D., Dublin, Ireland


Decades after the reign of the 49th president, the 105 year old Ronald Lump, great-great nephew of the former president, now in this last days in the White House, is concluding his fourth term. Through sheer dint of effort Lump has tackled the problem of the 3% of the rich who control 97% of the wealth in the U.S. He’s whittled it down to 1%. While science has prolonged the average life span by 15-20%, questions remain concerning quality of life.

The U.S. domestic situation has been continually aggravated by the government’s failed foreign policies and America is in trouble. Again.

However, in Brubaker, Ohio a place where everyday life is abnormally normal, there resides a hero. A human cog in a giant, soulless wheel of a system whose only dream is to get his family out of his one room apartment. Little does Thaddeus Enoch Pervers realize he is the last hope of America to break the shackles of the slavery of the two party system which has held his country hostage since the end of the Nineteenth Century.

Politics was never in Thaddeus’ plans but due to a misfiled form it entered his destiny. When a dastardly triumvirate of super centatenarians offers to buy him a seat in the Senate if he’ll act as their front-man, the offer of a new house is an offer he can’t refuse.

American Rhetoric offers a glimpse of one possible future which awaits the United States of America.

POLITICS: From the Greek ‘poli’ meaning ‘many’ and the word ‘tics’ meaning blood sucking, parasitic leeches which live off others.

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