Kelly’s Full House

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Genre: Comedy     Pages: 189     ISBN: 978-1-78695-147-2

All works available in: PDF, EPUB, MOBI (Kindle compatible) or Paperback

They say everything comes in threes. Here’s three rib tickling tales featuring three characters in three very different time periods and situations.

An octogenarian pediatrician with nothing left to lose, a young NYC reporter who has one last chance to save the beleaguered, glossy magazine she works for and a puzzled librarian who accidentally discovers a mysterious document signed  by George Washington himself on the date of the outbreak of American Revolution.

 Kelly’s Full House is a great short story collection that will lift your spirits and help get you through your day by dealing with some of the most taboo subjects – The Press, death and politics! But in the end we must never forget that:

Some days you’re the pigeon and some days you’re the statue.


Reader’s Reviews:

“A perfect example of escapism and enjoyable reading!”

                                                                     – Big Jimmy down at Tesco’s*

“FOUR STARS! An absolute gem of a collection! Highly recommended!”

                                                                    – Gwendolyn  Roderick, the librarian at the Town Council

“I laughed, I cried and in the end I thoroughly enjoyed the emotional journey these stories led me through!”

                                                                      – Ralph, my plumber

*Opinions expressed are not those of professional critics. Individual opinions may vary according to intellectual and educational level.



1. 127 Alden Road

It’s July 1st, 2017 in Provincetown, Massachusetts, original landing place of the Pilgrims. Abigail Helmsworth, town librarian and charter member of the Ladies of New England Social Organization for Massachusetts History, (LONESOME’s for short), is doing some spring cleaning in the Herman Melville Memorial Library when she comes across a document. A document from 1775. A document apparently signed by the Big Man himself – George Washington!

The possible implications of this document are not at all lost on the town’s 2,427 residents. In just under three days 60,000 tourists will invade this Mecca of U.S. history to celebrate the Fourth of July. The document, if certified to be authentic, could mean tens of thousands in revenue for the tiny hamlet.

The straight-laced Reverend Bingham is thrilled that it’s the original deed to his church property. But the deed doesn’t say what the old building was originally built for.

Word quickly spreads across New England and then the country and the hunt is on to discover the significance of the document and what other historical gems might be discovered.


2. Dr. Lindsay’s Christmas

At 87 years of age Dr. Jonathan Lindsay, a Dublin native, dedicated pediatrician and devout Catholic his entire life, has just lost his wife of over sixty years and, for the first time finds himself alone on Christmas Eve, 1987.

Reluctant to return to an empty house he takes a stroll up O’Connell Street to enjoy the gaily decorated holiday ornaments, lights and displays.

Just at the point of forgetting his sadness he witnesses a terrible accident. Lindsay’s ensuing rant against God is just the opportunity someone else has been waiting for!

This comedic, short novella is Paddy Kelly’s contribution to the most festive of seasons in the Western World, Christmas. Featuring an array of comedic characters in an unlikely setting, a Dublin pub, this story will entertain and delight.


3. Luck & Fame Are Four Letter Words

A new president has taken the reins, the Space Race is in full swing and the economy is at its peak since end of the war. It’s 1961 and the future looks bright.

However the entire country is not running on greased groves. Rank Publishing Ltd., in New York City is hanging on by a thread. With the advent of automated printing, a television in nearly every home and newspaper circulation up almost tenfold since the end of the war, news stories are cheaper and more readily available. The new sensation is supermarket tabloids and magazine circulation is plummeting!

Kate Kennedy, a young reporter with promise, if she can stop tripping over herself, is two years out of college with a degree in journalism. She has landed a desk at one of the most prestigious Broadway publishing houses. But the world is changing and so is the magazine game. Miss Kate is quickly learning the difference between the ideals if journalism and the reality of the working place.

One of her college heroes was the mysterious John Lawrence Singer. Who with the phenomenal success of his post war, existentialist, mega hit novel War is Bad, Singer hit the big time. Problem is John Lawrence Singer hasn’t been seen nor heard from since 1947. A year after his phenomenal financial success JLS has fallen off the face of the earth.

Between the hype surrounding his disappearance and the failing circulation of the magazine, Kate smells opportunity.

Luck & Fame examines the roll luck and hype play in achieving fame because, no matter how much talent you may have, Luck and Fame are Four Letter Words.

Enjoy the reads!

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