The Galileo Project

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Genre: Contemporary Historical Fiction   ISBN: DUE OUT IN SUMMER OF  2019     Pages:  455

All works available in: PDF, EPUB, MOBI (Kindle compatible) or Paperback

Synopsis: The Galileo Project

In 1999 several billion internationally are invested in counter measures to combat the much anticipated, widely dreaded world-wide Y2K computer virus.

To avoid the dreaded virus potentially threatening international finance several big banks in New York and London take the unprecedented secret precaution of stashing several billion in cash in a number of armoured cars around the greater London area and New York.

When the virus doesn’t materialize and the armored vans are recalled the next day all but one of them returns. Along with the two guards assigned to babysit the 1.2 billion Pounds Sterling van № 1989 has vanished. The crime is never solved.

Eighteen years pass and the van is accidently discovered miles from its original dispatch location. Though the guards are missing and presumed dead there’s one unexplained puzzle – all the cash is still in the van.

When the remains of one the guards is dredged up from the Thames River NYPD Detective Frank Mahone, assigned to an international exchange program and Inspector Harold Morrissey along with his Special Homicide Investigations Team – The SHIT Squad – are assigned the case.

The only hint at motive? A hole in the dashboard where an experimental missing tracker unit used to be.

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